How To Get Free Press By Using Stickers

Stickers give you free press to promote your brand or business because people often don’t view them as advertisements. Even if they feature your brand, many people love stickers and will use them and consider them as gifts and no ads. Whenever someone places a sticker on personal items, they promote your brand unknowingly and tell the world that they support your brand.

Stickers are powerful in promoting your brand and loyalty, and customers feel special when you gift them, endearing your brand even more. Here are ways to get free press through stickers.

Create useful stickers

Many people like stickers and will use them to decorate anything as long as they look nice. Die-cut sticker singles in various sizes and shapes give your customers more than a fun way to spruce up surfaces, including laptops, walls, fridges, phones, cars, desks, and more. People are more likely to use functional stickers even if they reflect your brand, giving you a free audience for promoting your brand awareness. Even if many people don’t see them, they keep your brand memorable to the person using the stickers.

Incorporate fun and interesting messages

Another way to make stickers useful for your brand is to incorporate fun and interesting messages that reflect your brand. Think about what someone is most likely to stick on their car or laptop? Is it just a brand or a brand with a fun and interesting message? Incorporate interesting messages if you want to boost the chances of people using your brand stickers on their items and get many people to see them. You can even have the stickers printed with a blank space where someone can write their fun messages or slogans. 

Put them on the packaging.

Stickers on rolls provide an easy way to share your brand’s message effortlessly.  You can use them to package your items interestingly and specially. Although they may be a bit expensive than the standard packaging, they offer more benefits of promoting your brand while the goods are in transit and when they get to your customers.

Send them with orders.

When packaging orders for your customers, you can include some stickers in the package as a gift to your customers. Your customers will not perceive them as ads but as little thoughtful gifts, and you can stick them on promotional products such as mugs. You can distribute multiple stickers to your customers that they can hand out to family and friends. You should include more than one sticker in a package to make your customers feel special and make them advocates of your brand. You can use stickers with a thank you note if you offer services to make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Spruce up your storefront windows

Another way to get free press through stickers is to stick them on your storefront windows and doors. You can indicate a running sale with stickers, a promotion, discount, or simply indicate opening and closing hours. You can also stick them on the floor of your store and counter surfaces to promote your brand to the local audience.


Engaging, fun, and beautiful stickers are a self-promoting marketing tool to increase your brand’s visibility.

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