Signs of Quality Road Service

When you set off on a journey of any considerable length, the chance that something will go wrong – that you will break down without the resources to fix the problem yourself – is certainly more than negligible. In such situations, you rely on breakdown services.

These are not all created equal, however, and it’s wise to know what the marks of quality are. There are certain things that quality road services should be able to provide or, in other words, things that you should absolutely insist upon – and expect.

The matter becomes even more important if your driving is for any kind of commercial purpose, or if you drive a truck. In such circumstances breakdown is not only inconvenient, but it can be costly too. Furthermore, there is the safety issue, and being left stranded by the highway crash cushions for too long could imperil other drivers as they go past. Highway safety experts Valtir say that the quality of the nation’s roads is good enough to ensure that excessive damage from their use is unlikely. However, this says nothing about your vehicle and what could potentially go wrong there.

Before They Arrive

Of course, to stop the problem from getting even worse, it is also wise to know what to do in case of a breakdown. This is not only to protect your safety but also to protect your vehicle and prevent further damage.

Naturally, you will want to pull over, and the warning signs that you should do this will normally come along before your vehicle stops moving entirely. Always remember to turn on the warning lights and make sure that other drivers know what has happened. It is also very important not to stop suddenly, especially when on the highway, and to reduce speed while pulling over.

Beyond this, you should be sure to turn the engine off as soon as possible and to open the hood in case of any internal overheating or smoke.

Signs of Great Road Service

Once road services arrive though, it’s over to them. Here’s how to ensure you’re getting top service:

They Own Their Own Equipment

Unless the equipment is owned by the company, you cannot be sure they know anything about its maintenance record or quality. With company-owned equipment, you know that they know what they’re using.

You Get a Real Operator

This should go without saying, but in a time of urgent need, the last thing you want to be doing is speaking to a machine, “pressing one” and then listening to an on-hold tone.

The Operator and Dispatcher are Knowledgeable

Meaning they know just what you need before they dispatch someone out. This is especially true in the case of commercial truckers, who have no time to be explaining the industry lingo to some part-time office worker.

They Have Experience and Expertise

But how do you judge this? Well, if the road services turn up and spend an excessive amount of time “assessing the problem” before getting to work or if they ever turn up without the necessary equipment, you know they don’t have the experience and/or expertise that you need.

They Have a Large Inventory of Parts

The last thing you want to hear is that the services know what the problem is, and know how to fix it but – your heart sinks – they don’t have this one part. Good road services have the tools you need.

You might not have the opportunity to vet every road services company to this degree, but you can do a bit of research, ask around, and find one that provides all this. That’s real quality.

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