Will We See Companies Divesting Interest In Large Offices And Downsizing Due To Home-Working In 2022?

This question is difficult because many people are still unaware of the pros and cons of home-working. So only time will tell what exactly the results will be. However, we can assume that the companies plan will realize that home-workers save money, so their employees will decrease.

The number of companies with thousands or tens of thousands of employees will diminish dramatically due to the rise in home-working employees. It is apparent that with the latest technological advancements, companies are becoming more interested in hiring independent contractors to complete their projects rather than employing full-time staff.

It makes sense to consider it because there are lots of freelancers out there who can do your work far cheaper than the company will ever pay you. For example, if you want a designer or developer, there are so many out there who can do it for less than $200 per project – and they will take 6-12 weeks to complete it too!

Companies will soon see that hiring home-workers makes sense financially, which means their number of full-time staff will decrease. They will down-size to the bare minimum, and independent contractors will become their saving grace.

In 2022 we will see many companies with over 10,000 employees downsizing to 200 or so staff due to the rise of home-working. Most new office buildings will be designed to house 100+ companies and commercial spaces on each floor – this means they can rotate them from one company/tenant to another in a matter of hours. It will be cheaper to do this than to have empty office space that is being paid for.

There Are Numerous Benefits Of Having Staff Working From Home:

1. The number one benefit is that there are no overheads for the employer, which means their profit margins can be increased.

2. Once people have seen the benefits of having staff working from home, they will demand it as an employee perk – which some companies may not want to provide, resulting in a higher turnover of staff and decreased productivity.

3. If employees are happier, then they will perform better. They will continue to work harder and longer hours due to having their own office space at home.

4. Less sick days were taken by the employees = less time off for other staff members to fill in, meaning more productivity can be achieved (which of course means that there is room for a pay rise or bonus!)

5. Commuting time is reduced since employees generally work from home.

The most noticeable difference in 2022 will be that companies with over 15,000+ employees will down-size to around 2,000 – these would mainly be the larger and more successful companies. These companies will use their experience and knowledge to expand faster than their smaller rivals, who cannot afford to downsize so much. It means they can offer cheaper products or services, forcing out the competition.

These companies will also increase their workforce by using freelancers instead of employing full-time staff. It is the only way they can maintain good profit margins, while their smaller rivals are forced to increase prices or lay off staff due to failing to remain competitive.
Salah AlBluewi has strong knowledge in finance and business. He sees bigger companies doing so as more likely than smaller companies.

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