You Can Spend a Lot on Digital Marketing, But You Don’t Have To

Marketing has been around for as long as people have been doing business with one another. Without marketing, modern businesses would not thrive to the extent they do. More importantly, digital marketing has largely supplanted older forms of marketing – especially among the coveted millennial and Gen Z demographics.

The thing about digital marketing is this: you can spend an awful lot of money and not get much in return. But you don’t have to. Digital marketing’s greatest advantage over older methods is the ability to accurately track the results of each and every strategy. Through the use of analytics, digital marketers can know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

More About Digital Marketing

So what is digital marketing, exactly? There are many different definitions, so we will use the definition offered by the American Marketing Association. They define it as follows:

“In a nutshell, digital marketing refers to any marketing methods conducted through electronic devices which utilize some form of a computer.”

That seems pretty straightforward. The difficult part of it is determining which digital marketing strategies will yield the best results. Figuring it out can be challenging because it is not the same in every case. Successful strategies can differ from one industry to the next. So can budgets. Paying a lot does not mean a particular strategy is going to work.

Digital Marketing Is Online

The one thing about digital marketing common to every industry and organization is its online aspect. If nothing else, all digital marketing efforts are directed online. That is the whole point. Whether you are building a website or focusing on social media, your marketing message reaches people in the online world.

This implies that digital marketing companies are online experts. They should be, anyway. It is hard to imagine how a digital marketer could be successful without a firm grasp of what makes the internet tick. And these days, a lot of it revolves around Google, Facebook, and Amazon. A limited marketing budget would dictate paying as much attention as possible to these three platforms.

Marketing to Them First

The internet is dominated by such a small number of players actually changes the marketer’s mindset. In the days before digital marketing, you would market directly to customers through things like direct mail, newspaper ads, and TV or radio spots. These days though, you have to market to internet platforms first.

Website Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City company that specializes in digital marketing services (you can visit their website here: When they take on a new client, one of the first things they do is keyword research. Conducting in-depth keyword research is imperative to achieving good search engine results. Furthermore, a company whose website does poorly on search engines will not get much traffic.

The reality is that Webtek must market to Google before it can market to a client’s customer base. This is not necessarily a bad thing in the sense that Google strives to provide the best possible results for every search. Market to Google correctly and marketing to consumers becomes organic. That is how you maximize a marketing budget.

Spend Wisely

Companies can spend a lot of money on digital marketing strategies that look pretty but don’t yield particularly good results. On the other hand, a company can spend a moderate amount on digital marketing strategies designed to maximize Google, Facebook, and Amazon exposure.

Needless to say, companies who spend wisely tend to get more out of their digital marketing budgets. Those who throw money at everything that moves are less likely to get maximum value from each dollar spent.

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