2023 Working Place Etiquette 101

A professional is not only a person that knows their profession but a good person in general. It means that everyone expecting to become a professional must learn working place etiquette. Do not be afraid of the name, it is just a couple of recommendations on how to treat your co-workers and the place of your work. These little things are what separate people with average salaries from high-paid employees.

The rules of etiquette should accompany you in every part of your life. When you are buying food in the local store when walking in the park when getting a paystub, and talking to your relatives. Etiquette is the best way to show that you respect people around you, and their personal boundaries, and make a good first impression.

The Importance of the First Impression

When meeting with new co-workers, it is an utmost importance to create a good first impression. At this exact moment, people build 80% (according to sociological studies) of their attitude towards you. It is almost impossible to turn around the first impression you have made already. So it is necessary to learn how to stand, how to speak, and what to speak when you meet people for the first time:

  • stand straight and look people in the eyes;
  • smile;
  • ask a new person their name and remember it;
  • turn around towards people when speaking to them;
  • dress code (inquire about it in advance).

Having trouble remembering the names of your colleagues? Try to use them in conversations, at least twice. This memorization technique is being taught by the majority of etiquette experts. Cannot stand straight and look people in the eyes? Just boost your confidence! Visit a psychologist or simply meet new people regularly.

Pillars of Communication

It is as important to make a good first impression as keep it onward. One of the best ways to do it is to treat people around the workplace equally. Greet a janitor, say «Hi» to your colleagues, and help people around. Be a genuinely good person, and people around you will notice it almost immediately.

It is also important to respect the personal boundaries of co-workers. Do not ask and tell personal stories out of blue. Inquire if a person you are talking to is comfortable with such topics. Questions about political beliefs should be avoided at all costs. It is one of the more polarizing matters known by humanity!

When talking about indirect communication, business, and personal emails must be discussed. Your messages should be as professional as the work you are doing. No typos, no inappropriate jokes, and no empty Subject fields! Do not be lazy, check your emails twice before sending them, a small spelling mistake may cost you a promotion. Phone calls should be answered immediately or called back in 24 hours at maximum.

These simple bits of advice are easy to follow, yet effective to ensure people will like you more. Try it for a couple of days and you will see the results almost immediately!

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